Auto Ticket Revalidation

This lesson describes how to utilise the Auto Ticket Revalidation Tool to process a Revlidation of an ETicket

Retrieve original booking file

To perform a Ticket Revalidation, first search for and retrieve the original booking file

Adjust original booking file

As required, amend the appropriate segments in the booking file. The example above shows that the return flight has been rebooked for a later time on the same day (and in the same class)

End and Retrieve the booking file

Once all segments have been adjusted, End and Retrieve the booking file

NB.The fare will become invalidated and will be removed from the booking file

Launch the Auto Ticket Revalidate Tool

Using the appropriate toolbar icon, launch the Auto Ticket Revalidate Tool

Select ticket, coupon and segment details

Using the drop down lists, select the Original Ticket number. The select which coupon from the original ticket number is to be used for revalidation. Finally select which segment number is the new/adjusted segment number

If new NVB/NVA details are required, type the appropriate values into the fields provided

Once all selections/entries have been made, click the Submit button to perform the revalidation

Success prompt

If the revalidation has been successful, the Auto Ticket Revalidation Tool displays a confirmation prompt

Validation of Revalidate

If the user displays the ETicket Number, the revalidation changes will be reflected against the coupon number selected. In the example given above, the return trip is now leaving at 1220 instead of 0740

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