FlyBE Baggage Script

The FlyBE current baggage policy means that all agencies must prepay for their customer's checked baggage.
At present, this means that agents must take manual steps in Amadeus or go on to the FlyBE online baggage website to complete baggage proceedures.

With this new script we allow Amadeus agents to prebook and pay for customer baggage within the Amadeus booking process.

Launching the FlyBE Baggage Script

The FlyBE Baggage Script can be launched from the Navitas Scripts tab (found at the top right of your screen).
Ensure you have a FlyBE booking open that has been ticketed and click the baggage icon from the toolbar.

Completing the Screen

You will be presented with the FlyBE Baggage screen. Where possible information is extracted from the PNR to help save you time. Please refer to the details below for further information on each section of the screen.

1. Associated Ticket Number

Ticket numbers will be extracted from the PNR - select the appropriate ticket number from the drop down list.

2. Passengers, Segments and Baggage

The script allows you to specify the amount of baggage that you customer will be taking. A list of all passengers in the PNR will be displayed and a drop down list will allow you to select the number of bags for that passenger for the entire journey (2a).
If the passenger is taking a different number of bags on each segment then simply click on the green plus icon and you can specify the number of bags per segment (2b) i.e. the passenger is taking 0 bags out the outbound flight but will be bringing 2 bags back.

3. Departure Point

The Departure Point is extracted from the PNR meaning less room for errors.

4. Payment Details

The script allows you to specify the form of payment to be used. Depending on the choice of payment type additional details will appear on the screen i.e. if you select Credit Card then you will be asked to enter the Card Vendor, Number, Approval Code and Expiry Date.

5. Charges Summary

This section of the screen details the various elements used in calculating the baggage charge. Here you will see the total number of Bags and the Total Baggage Charges. The FlyBE Baggage rates can be changed by clicking the green arrow icon. This will allow you to change the rates and save them for all future charges. There is also a useful link to the FlyBE website to allow you to check the current baggage rate.


The Options section of the screen allows you to specify what action to take. Tick:
* Add MCO to save the MCO in the current PNR
* Issue MCO to issue the MCO using the TTM command
* Add OSI/SSR to retrieve the booking file and add the required OS and SR entries
* Auto ER will END and RETRIEVE the booking file once the script has run - this should be unselected should the user wish to end the booking themselves.
* Specific Printer to enter a printer address if you use ETicket to Disk. Please note this will save so it will be prepopulated the next time the script is run.
* Keep Open if you need to create more than 1 MCO.

Once all options have been ticked, click on to Submit.

The Amadeus PNR

The script will then run, making all necessary entries in Amadeus.
The Amadeus PNR will now show the following data:
1 The MCO has been created and issued.
2 The relevant SSR lines have been added.
3 The relevant OSI line has been added.

IMPORTANT - you must remember to End and Retrieve the booking file to ensure that the SSR/OSI lines have been received by the airline

Display the MCO

Make the entry TQM to display details of the MCO in Amadeus.

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