Navitas Itin To PDF 1.0.20

Navitas Solutions has released an update to their Itinerary generation product, Itin to PDF

This version has the following bug fixes, enhancements

1) Fixed issue with Amadeus Vendor Locator not displaying on some itineraries
2) Fixed the issue where unselecting all email addresses would still allow you to send an itinerary
3) There is no longer a need to have a BCC configured for the sent emails
4) Amadeus Flown Flight Start Dates are now shown correctly
5) Implemented the ability to now show “Status Short Name” instead of the full decoded description
6) Implemented new options to allow for further customisation of the Templates including the ability to change the colour of entire segments or individual elements based on needs, for example Flown Segments show in a greyed out font, waitlisted status showing in red etc

Please talk to us if you would like any further customisations done to your templates to incorporate any of the above.

This upgrade is free to all current licence holders and will automatically update the next time users run the software.