APIS Information / APIS Manager

Current Version : 3.0.9   Released : January 2013
Available On : Galileo | Apollo | Amadeus
Price : £250 per site
Details : Brochure | User Guide Galileo | User Guide Amadeus
Online Demo
Downloads : Version 3.0.x Integrator Install (Galileo/Apollo only)
Version 3.0.x Citrix XCopy Install (Galileo/Apollo only)
Version 2.8 (Galileo/Apollo)
Version 2.5 (Amadeus)

The latest version of APIS Information from Navitas Solutions is now a managed system delivering easy management of all 4 types of APIS information. APIS Information also interacts with the Client Files to provide a simple search, edit and extraction mechanism which greatly increases the accuracy and speed of entering APIS. As of February 2012, version 3.0.0 was updated to handle the new non-programmatic formats introduced by Travelport.