ETicketing Suite

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1.0.1 Released: Jan 2013
£125 per month first PCC/Site - £55 each additional PCC/Site
(tools can be purchased separately if required)
Ticket Reissue (v1.20 - Nov 2012): User Guide
Ticket Refund (v1.8 - April 2009): User Guide
Ticket Revalidate (v1.3 - April 2009): User Guide
Online Demo
Version 1.0.1
The E-Ticketing Suite comprises three solutions aimed at simplifying Reissue, Refund and Revalidation processes. All three tools are geared towards increasing user speed and accuracy by prepopulating as information such as Taxes, PFCs, Cash/Credit Values, Ticket Numbers and performing all required calculations for you. No longer is there a need to fill in complicated masks and switch back forth between screens to see relevant data.