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1.0.46 Released: Feb 2013
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£100 per month first PCC/Site - £25 each additional PCC/Site

Sending of Customised Itineraries as PDF
Full control over content and style
Release Notes

Integrator Install (for authorised users on non Citrix systems)
Citrix XCopy (extract to C:\navitas\NavitasItinToPdf folder)
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Navitas Itin to PDF is a highly flexible tool that allows you to produce high quality Itineraries to your exact requirements.

Finally you can have complete control over the content, layout, logos and colour schemes you want on your itineraries - with no 3rd Party advertising getting in the way, unless you want to include it of course.

The system allows you to design multiple templates - so you can have different styles for different customers, or different levels of detail in different itineraries.

As the content is fully flexible we are currently working to expand the system to allow the production of E-Ticket Receipts, along with any other output from the booking file that you may want to PDF off.

Please contact Navitas Solutions to have your office authorised for use / download.