PNR Watcher

Current Version : 2.13.7     Released : Oct 2012
Available On : Galileo | Apollo
Price : £6000 first site, £625 each additional site
Upgrades : £500 first site, £125 each additional site
Smartpoint Plugin: £850 one off purchase
Details : Brochure | User Guide | QuickStart | Online Demo
Downloads : Latest version : Version 2.13.x
  Smartpoint Plugin (for Version 1.1.7
  Smartpoint Plugin (for 2.2 or 2.3): Version 1.2.x
  Smartpoint Plugin (for 3.x): Version 2.0.x
Older version : Version 2.6.6 | GD2 Patch for V2.6.6

This cutting edge product is designed to monitor booking files and respond when predefined criteria has been matched. For example, display an alert about the special needs of a client the second their name is entered into the booking file. Launch a word document containing details on this months specials when a consultant sells a particular Airline. The powerful and intuitive rules interface allows for these and many more possibilities.