Being the sort of company that listens to it's customers, Navitas Solutions has developed a portfolio of products aimed at enhancing and streamlining business processes for todays busy travel agencies.

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Click Once Deployment

Navitas Solutions now utilises the Microsoft ClickOnce technology for deployment of many of our solutions and products. This technology allows us to deploy software across the internet and allows solutions to automatically download any updates released to market without the need for system administrators to visit each workstation and reinstall.

For information or help on ClickOnce Deployments please visit our ClickOnce FAQ page.

Citrix / Terminal Server compatibility

Please note that whilst our solutions have proven to work within Citrix and Terminal Server environments, Navitas Solutions does not support these environments directly due to the individual complexity of each environments configuration. Whilst every attempt is made to assist with these environments, it is the responsibility of the client to install and configure our solutions within these environments themselves.