Navitas Rewards

Navitas Rewards is aimed at recognising valued customers who help spread the word about our products. This scheme gives you opportunities to reduce your monthly license charges by recommending Navitas to other friends and colleagues in the travel industry.

Each successful product referral results in a 10% discount off your own monthly license fee for the matching product. The maximum discount provided through the program is 100%, so if you refer enough new customers, your can reduce your monthly charges to £0.00

In addition, the company you refer to us receives an introductory 10% discount off their first months license fee and they automatically become eligible to reduce their own monthly outgoings by referring others.

As a simple example, if your company is running Navitas Itinerary Decoder the discounts would be:
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Interested? All existing customers are automatically eligible to receive discounts for referrals as of August 2010 - so why not spread the word about our products, and you too could reap the rewards.....
Terms and Conditions
  • Navitas Rewards is only applicable if previous group discounts are not in place.
  • Navitas Rewards is only applicable to products that incur monthly license charges.
  • Navitas Rewards discounts are only applied to 'like' products, for example, to be eligible for a discount on Navitas Ticketing Inspector, the referred customer must also purchase a monthly license for Navitas Ticketing Inspector.
  • The maximum discount permitted per product licensed is 100%
  • The referral 10% discount will continue to be applied only whilst you remain subscribed to the referred product.
  • The company referred to Navitas must take the product for a minimum of 6 months for the discount to remain in place.