Legacy Script Migration

With older versions of Galileo’s products, a bespoke scripting language was used (Scriptwriter/Scriptwriter+) to automate frequent processes. Galileo is encouraging its users to drop this method of automation in favour of using more generic web development tools. Whilst is a massive change for the travel industry and the many users dependant on Scriptwriter scripts to automate their processes, it does open the possibilities to use the massive potential of the Viewpoint Customisation and XML API Desktop technologies.

If you have a dependency on Scriptwriter and want to open yourselves to the possibilities available through the latest tools and techniques, whilst retaining (or enhancing) your existing work flow processes, the simple option is to convert your existing scriptwriter library. Navitas Solutions will work with you to ensure the transition runs smoothly and all staff members are aware of the enhancements available to them.

For Amadeus clients, we can revolutionise the way you work by replacing intricate and involved Smart Key processes with easy to follow, intuitive and interactive script windows. Our experience has shown many steps can be automated along with the added benefits of integrating these scripts with external systems, such as back and mid office applications.