Focus Dashboard is on online solution that allows your agency’s corporate clients to log in and view their bookings. Focus Dashboard is a multi GDS solution, with the initial release being for Sabre and Galileo agencies, with Amadeus still in development. The website is designed to be GDS ‘agnostic’ so when a user logs in they will be able to see all their bookings, regardless of the GDS used to create the booking.

System Access

Access to the system is directly linked to email addresses contained in a GDS booking. The general rule is “if I log in with email then I will be able to see all bookings that contain”. This gives your agency great flexibility in allowing different people visibility to various bookings. As an example:

Travel Arrangers or Personal Assistants could log in and view several different bookings at once, so long as their email address has been added to each traveller booking. Individual travellers would only be able to view their own bookings containing their own email address.

Booking Data Flow Overview

Focus Dashboard works from a central location using a central Pseudo City / Office ID for each GDS. All bookings to be made available to the website must be queued to the central location. Minimal booking details are gathered from the central queues and stored in an online database ready for use by the website. When viewing specific booking file details, the system retrieves the booking directly from the GDS to ensure the very latest copy of the booking file is displayed to the user.


The Focus Dashboard website has been designed to be made accessible either

  1. Directly, using the / addresses or
  2. Embedded into your agency’s own website using iFrame methodology.

It is for this reason that the Focus Dashboard web site can be customised to adopt the same look and feel of your current organisation / website – in terms of colours, icons and logos. There is also the opportunity to co-brand the site with your own logo and the logo of your important corporate clients.

Admin Website

From version 2, the Focus Dashboard allows an agency to log in to administer various aspects of their own agency configuration and users. Each agency needs to have the first Administrator configured in the database by Navitas Solutions, however they are then able to add more administrators as required. The access the new Admin website, visit


There are several steps to provisioning your agency to use Focus Dashboard. Please download and complete the relevant forms for your agency

Initial Agency Configuration:

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