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Case Study: Global Travel Management
How Navitas tools have helped GTM improve speed, efficiency, and business acquisition


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Global Travel Management

Global Travel Management (GTM) is an independent corporate travel agent, which deals with a vast range of organisations, headed up by husband and wife team Scott and Natalie Pawley.

GTM is a regular fixture in Buying Business Travel’s annual industry publication The Leading Fifty TMCs, and Scott is Chairman of the Technology Panel for Advantage Focus Partnership.
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Global Travel Management’s key challenges

GTM prides itself on its stellar customer service and uncommon quality of product and work. As growing independent travel agents, working with a wide variety of clients, the team face a number of challenges, particularly:

  • Ensuring that they can offer competitive pricing
  • Obtaining the best air fares
  • Providing all the content that their customers expect
  • Delivering results as quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively as possible

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Navitas applications – the perfect solution

Looking to streamline GTM’s processes and enhance its GDS functionality, MD Scott Pawley came to Navitas through a recommendation from an existing supplier partner 11 years ago and hasn’t looked back.

Scott has always found implementation of Navitas tools to be incredibly simple with no teething problems whatsoever, which is handy, since over time, GTM has picked up virtually every one. However, if he does have any queries, the Navitas team is just a phone call away; Scott can call anytime he needs something and, if necessary, they will dial in and solve the issue.[/one_half] [one_half_last][responsive]Navitas applications - the perfect solution[/responsive]
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“Since we started working with Navitas, things have improved 1000% – speed is up, efficiency is up, costs are down.”
- Scott Pawley, Managing Director


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A Lasting Relationship

The strength of the relationship and Navitas’s responsive way of working means that any time GTM has a problem, it need only let the team know, and they will add new functionality to solve it.

“If you need something, Navitas is always the first place to go – if they haven’t got it, they’ll make it for you. If they can’t do it; it can’t be done.”
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GTM even consider their Navitas tools a component of their competitive advantage and believe they have won additional business off the back of them.

“I can’t say enough good things about their tools, they’re fantastic. When we show a client what the tools allow us to do, that can be the tipping point that gets us the new business.”[/one_half_last]
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“Being the chairman of a technical panel, I’ve got to know a lot of IT companies, and it’s clear to me that they’re market leaders. We consider Navitas our number one partner supplier, all the way.”
- Scott Pawley, MD Global Travel Management

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