APIS Information Amadeus

The latest version of APIS Information from Navitas Solutions is now a managed system delivering easy management of both APIS information and BA Fit for Five details. Further information on this tool can be found at http://www.navitas.co.uk/Products/APIS/Apis.htm.

The tool can be used to add, amend or delete APIS data from any Amadeus PNR containing live segments.

PLEASE NOTE: Countries and airlines have different mandatory fields. Specific guidelines should be obtained for specific Airlines or destinations.

Launching the Tool

Access to the APIS Information tool is available via a toolbar button.

APIS Information Interface

The APIS Information screen is made up of the following components:

1 Passenger / Segments
2 First Passenger Contact Details
3 DOCS - Primary Travel Document Information
4 DOCO - Secondary Travel Document Information
5 DOCA - Destination and Residence Address Information

Each of these sections, and information about their relevant fields can be found below.

Passenger / Segments

This section contains a list of all the passenger names in the current PNR. To add APIS details, select the appropriate name from the list. This section also contains a list of all the live air segments in the current PNR. You must always associate the APIS details to a segment, generally the first entry point in the appropriate company. Select the required segment from the drop down list.

First Passenger Contact Data

This area allows for the entry of custom Email and Phone Number fields. If an phone numbers or email addresses are found in the PNR, they are selectable from the drop down lists. This section is enables if an airline has been selected that requires Contact Data.

DOCS Primary Travel Document Information

The DOCS section is where details about the main form of identification are entered. This is usually a passport or identity card type document.

Passport Validity Check

The system validates the information being entered, and if the passport is not valid for the whole trip then a warning message will display and the field will turn red. The tool defaults to 3 months for all countries.

DOCO Secondary Travel Document Information

DOCO information is used to enter supporting identification details for passengers. This is normally used when a Visa has been issued for the passenger for entry in to a country.

DOCA Address Information - Destination

The destination address must be provided for where the passenger will be staying for the visit to the relevant country. It is common practice to provide information in each field. Users must ensure they are careful to enter details exactly as directed or the airline could reject the APIS details.


DOCA Address Information - Residence

The Residence section is used to detail the address of residence for the passenger.

Adding APIS Data

Move around the screen entering data in to each field as required.
Hovering the mouse over a particular field shows a pop-up tool tip with example data or date formats required for each field.
Once you have finished adding the APIS details click Submit

When the data has been transmitted in to the PNR a Results prompt is displayed showing the status of each section. In this example, the DOCS, DOCAD, Email and Phone were successfully saved in the PNR. If any errors occur when submitting the data, they will be detailed in the Results dialog box.
The APIS data will be entered in to the Amadeus PNR in the correct format i.e. SSR DOCS and SK CTCE.

Load from Cache / Simultaneous Updates

If APIS Information has been entered when the booking file has a simultaneous update issue, IR the booking file and launch the APIS Information tool. Select the Passenger Name and Segment again and the Load From Cache button will be displayed. Click the button to repopulate the screen with the previously entered data.

Entering APIS details for Multi Passengers / Multi Segments

Where there are multiple passengers or segments in the booking file (to save retyping the same information) relevant information will be retained on the screen. In the example above, when you select the second segment the DOCS data will remain on the screen so you can submit for this segment.

Amending APIS Data

To amend previously stored APIS data, launch the APIS tool. Once a passenger / segment is selected, previously stored data found in the PNR will populate. To amend this information, select the relevant field and overtype the contents. Click Submit to save the new APIS details to the PNR.

Deleting APIS Data

To delete previously stored APIS data, launch the APIS tool. Once a passenger / segment is selected the screen populates with data found in the booking file. To delete information stored for a particular section, click the relevant Clear section (scissor icon). You can also delete a particular field by removing the contents.
Click Submit - the tool will identify the data that is now missing and remove the relevant data from the PNR.

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