Navitas Class Checker - Installation Guide

There are three components to the system -

* The Class Checker Administration website - WEB BASED
This is a Silverlight Web-page that users can log into and enter the availability checks that the robot should perform. 

* The Class Checker Robotic Application - LOCAL INSTALLATION
This is a robotic application that will access Galileo to perform the checks depending on the frequency set by the System Administrator.  As a result the machine will be accessing Galileo frequently and therefore needs to be set up on a standalone machine that isn't used by a consultant (as when performing the class checks the Galileo session will be used - and therefore Focalpoint will not be usable during this time).

* The GDS Integration Button - LOCAL INSTALLATION
This button will search the current PNR and detect any waitlisted segments.  These segments will then be uploaded onto the website automatically without the agent having to manually enter them.

Pre Requisites
We recommend a standalone machine for the Robot
Sliverlight will need to be installed on all workstation (however this will self install if required the first time anyone attempts to access the website).

The links for the installation files can be found on our website

GDS Toolbar Button Download

The GDS Toolbar Button installation must be performed on each workstation that requires access to the system.
Go to and click on the GDS Toolbar Button Download link from our website.
The File Download - Security Warning box will appear. Click <Run>

Another box will appear, Internet Explorer - Security Warning. Again, click <Run>.

The Intgrator Setup will then display. It is recommnded that you close your GDS when running this installation. Click <Next>.

Tick the radio button to agree to the terms of this licence agreement and click <Next>.

Select the GDS that you are using then click <Next>. If you use them both, simply tick both boxes. Please note that Sabre will be coming soon!

The Ready to Install screen will then appear. All necessary files will be installed under C:\Navitas. Click <Next> to continue.

A success screen will appear, telling you the installation is complete. Click <Finish> to exit the installation process.

GDS Integration Button

The first time that the icon on the GDS toolbar is clicked the final Installation process takes place.

Class Check Robot Download

We recommend that the Navitas Class Checker Robot is installed on a stand alone machine.
Go to and click on the Class Checker Robot Download link from our website.
The above screen will display, click <Install>.

The Application Install Security Warning will display. Click <Install>.

A shortcut is placed within the Windows Startup folder on the Start Menu to ensure that the application is launched each time the workstation is rebooted/started.

Once the application has started up, a Navitas icon is placed on the Windows system tray.

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