Introducing VisaEase - the automatic visa checking and provisioning tool!

Visa Ease allows you to review visa requirements and prepare visa packs, for ever traveller in your booking file and every destination.

The application inspects your current booking file and determines which countries, including transit points, are being travelled to as well as passenger nationalities. Visa Ease then checks the visas that are required for the trip by connecting with VisaSwift.

Visa Ease then displays the overall visa requirement for each country and with a single click you can send out a visa pack. The details of this are recorded in the booking file for your reference - how good is that!?

Launching VisaEase

To access VisaEase click the VisaEase icon from the GDS toolbar

The process

Once you have made a booking, open VisaEase

The screen displays and lists all of the countries visited in the Itinerary - if a multi leg trip it will show any stops as well!

Hover your mouse over a country and a tooltip will appear showing you segment details - this is really useful for leg information!

If there are multiple passengers in the booking file then we will list all names in separate tabs on the interface.

Enter the Passenger Nationality.
If APIS has been loaded in to the booking file in the correct format then we will automatically extract the passenger nationality.
The visa requirement is automatically determined once all necessary information is entered.

Enter an email address for the Visa Pack and the [Get Visa Pack] button will appear. Click [Get Visa Pack]

A success prompt will appear. The prompt will display the Tracking Number and general notes providing further information.

A general remark is added to the booking file with details about the Visa pack and a link to the application.
This is time and date stamped.

An email is sent containing details of the VisaSwift visa information pack

Once a Visa Pack has been requested, if you run the tool again over the booking file it will display existing visa pack details and provide a link through to the web page

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