How to Increase Productivity in Your TMC During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic forced a new reality on many businesses.

Governments across the world have imposed strict limitations on travel, severely impacting the industry. Travel management companies (TMCs) have been forced to restructure, with many feeling the sting of a newly diminished workforce.

Stretched thinner than ever, TMCs face a new challenge – ensuring productivity remains high with a smaller workforce and fewer resources. Travel will undoubtedly play a huge role in helping the economy recover once travel rights are restored, and TMCs need to be at the forefront of that push.

Our new guide, ‘How to Increase Productivity in Your TMC During the Pandemic’ outlines the core issues facing TMCs in the wake of COVID-19 and looks at how they can rebuild once the pandemic is over.

Download the guide and discover the areas TMCs should focus on when looking to restructure and redistribute resources, as well as a list of products Navitas offers that help you to prioritise in the right places.


What’s in the guide:

  • An overview of the effect of the pandemic on TMCs
  • The challenges facing TMCs beyond COVID-19 and how they can rebuild
  • The areas where TMCs can improve productivity
  • A breakdown of how TMCs can better allocate resources during and after restructuring
  • A comprehensive list of products designed to help TMC agents


Download ‘How to Increase Productivity in Your TMC During the Pandemic’ by filling out the adjacent form.


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