APIS Manager
APIS entries made simple

Auto-entry of Advance Passenger Info

Who knows their APIS entries inside-out? Neither do we – so we invented APIS Manager. Discover the unbeatable time saving alternative to mind-numbing data entry.

Fast and accurate, APIS Manager works for all four types of APIS information, providing a search, edit and extraction mechanism to streamline the APIS input process and reduce errors.

APIS Manager also features a unique hotel look-up function that picks up the address of a passenger’s hotel, saving you even more time and hassle. For passengers with more than one Passport, APIS Manager is ready to help – it searches your passenger profile for all loaded travel documents and allows you to select the correct one at the click of a button, allowing them smooth travelling without complications.

APIS Manager

Don’t lose count of slashes ever again – APIS Manager creates Advance Passenger Information data entries that are perfect every time

Time and sanity saving

Easily create, amend and delete APIS details.

Helps you get ahead

Two way synchronisation and handy prompts make managing APIS that little bit easier.

Fully integrated profiles

Full integration with GDS profiles is supported allowing you to store APIS information for your repeat customers.

Hotel look-up feature

Quickly finds the addresses of customers’ hotels should they be needed.

Integrator Install
Version 3.0.x Integrator Install (Galileo/Apollo only)

Citrix XCopy Install
Version 3.0.x Citrix XCopy Install (Galileo/Apollo only)

Version 2.8
Version 2.8 (Galileo/Apollo only)

Version 2.5
Version 2.5 (Amadeus)

£300 and it’s yours forever

APIS Manager costs just £300 and its yours for eternity. Think of all the time and money you will save!

Try it free

Try APIS Manager free of charge.

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