Be first in line for released classes and seats

Monitors flights for availability

Released seats aren’t half slippery; there one minute, gone the next. CheckMate watches availability like a hawk and helps you get clients in their preferred seats at the right price.

Our unique CheckMate features a simple web-based interface that allows you to easily create, view and edit a wish-list of classes or seats. You can then turn your mind to other tasks while the beady-eyed monitor regularly searches for availability and emails you the moment there’s news.

Our nifty little accomplice even monitors closed classes, just in case luck is on your side. Saving you hours of time and stress, this handy tool revolutionises the way you monitor released inventory.


Never miss out on a released class or seat again. CheckMate searches availability at regular intervals, making you look like a hero.

CheckMate Web Portal

You can find the CheckMate Website at:

It’s time-saving

Enter details of the seats you’re after, direct from your GDS, and forget it until an email prompts you to act.

You’ll never miss a seat

Quickly alerts you of seats when they become available so you can grab them before anyone else.

Saves money … earns you kudos

Saves your time and your clients’ money. (They’ll think you’re even more amazing.)

Never sleeps on the job

Constantly on the look-out for availability of your desired classes and seats.

CheckMate GDS Integrator
CheckMate GDS Integrator

CheckMate Citrix XCopy
CheckMate - Citrix XCopy

Class Checker is now a retired product, these downloads are provided for users who have not yet migrated to CheckMate

GDS Toolbar Button Download
GDS Toolbar Button Download (Installer for authorised users)

Class Checker Robot Download
Class Checker ClickOnce Installer

You can find the Class Checker Website at:

Just £5 per user per month

CheckMate is yours for just £5 per user per month (plus a £150 per month charge per robot instance)

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