Instantly Extract and
Decode GDS Data

We consider this bad boy our ace in the deck! Decoder Suite consists of five separate nifty decoders that turn impenetrable information into plain English, plus one to capture anything!

There are five decoders – Itinerary, Availability, Timetable, Shopping and History plus the new Last Response capture tool. They bring efficiency and simplicity to your GDS system, and while they work wonders as a set, they’re available individually. Each decoder tool captures information from an active window in the GDS, decodes the text and creates a much more user-friendly document, which is instantly readable and accurate.

The new Decoder Suite now provides customisable layouts of the information based on Office ID, Account Number or Customer Profile. Introduce your company logo and matching corporate colours, remove or rearrange information, automatically append Terms and Conditions, Email signatures and much more.

Itinerary Decoder

The Itinerary Decoder is used to extract a copy of the current PNR/Booking file. The system is able to extract Flight, Hotel and Car segment information along with Passenger, Remark and Fare details at the click of a button. After all, it’s much easier reading “London Heathrow to Miami” than “LHRMIA”.

Availability Decoder

The Availability Decoder is able to read the last availability request performed by the user and decode each line (up to 10 pages of information can be captured). The data is then formatted into an easy-to-read layout with all the pertinent information decoded.

Time Table Decoder

The Timetable Decoder takes difficult tables of flight and destination information and turns it into something much more readable and user-friendly. Data is copied, decoded and neatly split into city pairs, all for your convenience.

Shopping Decoder

The Shopping Decoder is able to extract the response from an FS (Galileo), FXD (Amadeus) or WPNI (Sabre) request. The tool automatically captures all the Pricing options / recommendations so your consultants can provide quick and easy quotes and faring information to travellers. The Shopping Decoder returns prices on airlines which you can select and send to your customers. Easy as pie.

History Decoder

This little gem comes free with your Decoder package. It interprets your PNR history before presenting it to you on-demand, in a way that is readable, sortable and easily understood – you’ll never look at GDS Booking File history in the same way again.

Last Response

To help users extract anything they need from the GDS, this tool has been designed to capture the last response on screen – including performing any ‘MD’ entries to ensure the entire response is gathered together. So now, if we don’t have an existing Decoder, you can still grab that all important information from the host to paste into the system of choice.


FREE History Decoder

Decoders cost as little as £35 a month and History Decoder/Last Response are FREE with any purchase.


Benefit One

Plain English Spoken Here

No more headaches from hard-to-read interfaces

Benefit Two

Brand Building

Customisable layouts allow your documents to be every bit as unique as your company.

Benefit Three

High Quality & Consistency

Presents the information you and your clients need in a consistent and easy-to-read format.

Benefit Four

Simple & Time-Saving

Pulls relevant info from GDS, saving you time and effort.

Customise Your Product

We love the challenge of developing bespoke solutions to meet our clients’ individual specifications and pain-points. All our products can be tweaked to meet your needs.

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Version 1.x

Click Once Installer Link

Navitas Decoder Suite
(Travelport+ / Sabre / Amadeus)

Integrator Install

Navitas Decoder Suite Integrator
Ensure the EXE file is marked as SAFE (Unblocked) in Windows before running

Citrix XCopy (ZIP) Download

Navitas Decoder Suite
Ensure the ZIP file is marked as SAFE (Unblocked) in Windows before extracting its contents to c:\navitas\NavitasDecoderSuite folder


User Guide

Decoder Suite – User Guide

Installation Guide

Decoder Suite – Installation Guide

Release Notes

Decoder Suite – Release Notes

Fields & Formats Document

Fields and Formats

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