Collate GDS Booking Data into Centralised Spreadsheets

Our customers told us they find tracking and collating multiple booking files related to an Event or Group can be time consuming and error prone.  Creating large group bookings in the GDS often leads to inflexibility when each delegate for an event wants to do ‘something different’, such as fly out the night before everyone else, or fly with a different airline etc.  Keeping all these bookings together and updated means manually creating various spreadsheets and remembering to regularly update them with any changes actioned in the GDS – Delegate Tracker solves a lot of these problems.

Delegate Tracker offers users a simple streamlined process for exporting PNR flight and fare information from multiple GDS Bookings into standardised Excel Spreadsheets.  Creating new Spreadsheets, adding additional booking files to existing spreadsheets and performing a batch update of all bookings in a spreadsheet are three features of our simple of use interface – all your users have to provide is the name of the spreadsheet they wish to work with and Delegate Tracker takes care of the rest.


Straightforward Pricing

Delegate Tracker is available from just £135 per month including on-going support.


Benefit One

Easy Data Collation

Easily collates PNR data from disparate GDS bookings into one central spreadsheet

Benefit Two

Keep Up To Date

A handy refresh function automatically goes through each PNR in the spreadsheet up updates the data using the latest information held in the GDS

Benefit Three

Multiple Uses

Once extracted, the booking data can copied or exported from Excel to produce things like Room Lists, Baggage Tags etc

Benefit Four

Time Savings

Instead of manually re-typing data from the GDS, PNR flight and fare information is copied automatically for users which reduces costly mistakes too

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Works with…


Version 3.x

Click Once Installer Link

Navitas Delegate Tracker
(Travelport+ / Sabre / Amadeus)

Integrator Install

Navitas Delegate Tracker Integrator
Ensure the ZIP file is marked as SAFE (Unblocked) in Windows before running

Citrix XCopy (ZIP) Download

Navitas Delegate Tracker
Ensure the ZIP file is marked as SAFE (Unblocked) in Windows before extracting its contents to C:\navitas\NavitasDelegateTracker folder


Release Notes

Navitas Delegate Tracker – Release Notes

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