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For easy-to-read itineraries your customers will love

First class, branded itineraries made easy

Loyalty-building, customer-friendly communications are at your fingertips with this useful bit of kit. Populate branded templates in your preferred file format and design.

Our individually designed travel itinerary templates make your customers’ lives so much easier and do wonders for your brand-building and goodwill. And we’ll ensure there are no unwanted third-party ads cluttering the margins.

Itin to X exports itineraries from your PNR directly into pdf, word document, email or .ics (calendar) formats. Your great looking travel itineraries will be well-received by customers and publicise your high-quality customer service the world over.

Itin to X
How can a cleanly laid-out, easy-to-read, branded travel itinerary get anything other than the ‘thumbs up’ from your clients?

Your customers will love it

Busy business travellers really appreciate being able to find every detail of their journey at a single glance.

Brand and loyalty-building

Perfect, bespoke travel itinerary templates build your brand and reinforce customer loyalty.

Simple and time-saving

Easy-to-use – export itineraries from the PNR at the press of a button.

Multiple layout and design options

Create different travel itinerary templates to cater for the most basic or complex trips.

Integrator install
Itin-to-X Integrator Installer (For authorised users on non-Citrix systems)

Citrix XCopy
Itin-To-X XCopy (extract to C:\navitas\NavitasItinToX folder)

User Guide
Itin to X – User Guide.

Installation Guide
Itin to X – Installation Guide.

Release notes
Itin to X – Release Notes.

Fields and Formats Document
Fields and Formats

The short screen capture below demonstrates the main features of our ever popular Itinerary solutions

Example Itin to X travel itinerary templates
The following are just examples of how slick your travel itineraries could look. Anything is possible, just ask.

Itin to X: London to Paris 1
Itin to X: London to Paris 2
Itin to X: London to Paris 3

Just £125 per month

Itin to X can be yours for as little as £125 a month for the first site and £30 for each additional site.

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