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Bringing together relevant booking, ticketing, and customer information at point-of-sale is a nightmare for TMCs. Switching between multiple tabs and programmes, all in a desperate bid to gain a clear view of your customers’ travel plans: there must be a better way to deliver personalised travel experiences. Now there is. NavAgent!


NavAgent is a collaborative project between Navitas Solutions and Agentivity. It combines the advanced booking capture and analysis tools of the Agentivity system with our innovative point-of-sale automation applications and software integration expertise.

A handy piece of kit comprised of six cutting-edge modules, NavAgent integrates directly with your GDS of choice – no complex setup required. This allows you to focus on important things, like spotting trends, tracking behaviour, and monitoring agency activity.

With NavAgent in your back pocket, you can deliver exceptional point-of-sale customer service. It’s like having an extra consultant on the team.


Six Modules, One Powerful Tool

We believe in giving you complete flexibility. Each of NavAgent’s six modules can operate independently or in combination to provide as much insight as your agency requires. And as with our other tools, such as Decoder Suite and Itin to X, they’re 100% customisable.

These six modules are:

Current PNR Activity

Gain valuable insights into current PNR activity. This includes number of itinerary changes, warning messages, and out of hours processing – everything you need to ensure a friction-free travel experience.

Traveller Booking Trends and Behaviour

Arm your consultants with vital data on current traveller trends, such as number of bookings vs cancellations, vendor usage, and classes booked. You can even calculate and display ticketed percent and cancelled percent. Data is based on other bookings held within Agentivity, so you know it’s accurate.

Corporate Trends and Patterns

Accurately monitor overall traveller behaviour from your corporate accounts. Track number of bookings, hotel nights, car segments, and more. Fields included in this module are broken down into distinct categories – we believe in keeping things nice and simple.

Upcoming and Recent Bookings

Ensure your passengers are correctly ticketed and gain deeper insights into travel plans and patterns at point of sale with our interactive booking lists. You can even review PNR and e-ticket records without interrupting your GDS workflow or switching work areas.

Unused E-tickets

Automatically extract e-ticket information recorded in the Agentivity database over the past 1-12 months (configurable by agency) to monitor coupon usage. Our e-ticket app also lets you access the record locator and e-ticket number directly from the NavAgent UI, so you can display several PNRs on-screen simultaneously.

Consultant Workload

Empower your team of consultants to prioritise and manage their workload with a list of upcoming bookings in need of action. Bookings within the next couple of days that meet a specific set of criteria will be flagged to your team, ensuring all deadlines are met. This includes Segments Needing Action, Bookings requiring ticketing and a range of PNR Warnings monitored by the Agentivity system. Productivity in your TMC is vital – help your consultants to focus on what matters most.



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Benefit One

Personalised Travel

Bring together relevant client, booking trend, and ticketing data to deliver truly personalised experiences – for every customer.

Benefit Two

Unparalleled Data Insights

Track agency activity, cancellation patterns, and more. NavAgent collects data whenever a consultant touches a booking for even deeper insights.

Benefit Three

An Application Built Around You

Each module is independent and can operate on its own or as part of the suite. Subscribe to the modules your agency requires – it's entirely up to you!

Benefit Four

Straightforward Integration

As with all our products, NavAgent integrates with your GDS of choice. Setup is quick, easy, and hassle-free.

Customise Your Product

We love the challenge of developing bespoke solutions to meet our clients’ individual specifications and pain-points. All our products can be tweaked to meet your needs.

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Version 1.0.x

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Ensure the EXE file is marked as SAFE/UNBLOCKED in Windows before installing


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