Real-time, Rule-based PNR Management

We know how onerous it is to cross-check policies, offers and requirements for every single booking. If you long for an infallible, real-time assistant, make way for PNR Watcher.

PNR Watcher is our all-seeing helper that responds to predefined criteria. You simply ‘lay down the rules’ and PNR Watcher then keeps track of your clients’ individual needs, the latest route deals, company policies and so forth. It reacts instantly to your GDS entries, reservations and activities so you can more easily deliver an enhanced level of customer service.

For example, simply enter a profile name and PNR Watcher brings up all pre-specified details relating to it. It can trigger an alert, launch a Word document or Excel spreadsheet or open link with all the relevant information. Clever huh?

In this day and age, no one should have to put up with anything less than our PNR Watcher beady-eyed rule-tracking ability. As you compile the perfect itinerary for your passengers, dotting I’s and crossing T’s with barely a second thought, you’ll wonder how you ever stayed sane without it.

PNR Watcher is like your very own Miss Moneypenny, knowing exactly what information you need – before you even need it.


Simple Monthly Pricing

PNR Watcher is available from £220 per month including on-going support (plus a one time onboard/training fee).


Benefit One

Your Own Invisible Multi-tasking PA

Unobtrusive and ever vigilant, it reacts instantly to your input.

Benefit Two

Provides Timely Prompts & Reminders

Gives you that crucial information exactly when you need it most – immediately!

Benefit Three

Adaptable & Flexible

Works in harmony with your existing software and is dead easy to customise.

Benefit Four

Reassuringly Secure

Rule creation and maintenance achieved through the admin module to ensure only authorised users have access.

Customise Your Product

We love the challenge of developing bespoke solutions to meet our clients’ individual specifications and pain-points. All our products can be tweaked to meet your needs.

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Version 3.x

Setup Installer

PNR Watcher Installer
Please Note: If you are upgrading PNR Watcher version 3.0.19 or earlier to a version 3.0.20 or later you MUST also update any PNR Watcher Admin users with a new version of the Admin Module
Ensure the EXE file is marked as SAFE (Unblocked) in Windows before installing

Version 2.x

Version 2.13.x

Smartpoint Plugin
(only for PNR Watcher v2.x)

PNR Watcher for Smartpoint
PNRWatcher Smartpoint PlugIn Citrix


Latest Version 3.x

PNR Watcher – User Guide for Version 3.x
PNR Watcher – User Guide for Version 2.x

Installation Guide

PNR Watcher – Installation Guide Version 3.x
PNR Watcher – Installation Guide Version 2.x

Release Notes

PNR Watcher – Release Notes

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