Automatically Checks for Full Ticketing

No one wants last-minute panic from un-ticketed bookings. Ticketing Inspector runs at set intervals, checking passenger information and ensuring they’re fully ticketed. Always.

Working silently and diligently, Ticketing Inspector works overnight or whenever you schedule an inspection, searching upcoming departures for ticketing information. If an un-ticketed passenger is detected, an email is sent automatically, allowing the problem to be fixed as soon as possible.

With Ticketing Inspector on your side, no segment is left incomplete and no passengers left un-ticketed, allowing positively smooth sailing for both the system and your passengers.

Ticketing Inspector backs you up, ensuring every segment of your client’s journey is fully ticketed.


Just £135 per Month

Ticketing Inspector is just £135 per month for the first site and £35 for each additional site.


Benefit One

No More Last Minute Disasters

Ticketing Inspector highlights any problems well in advance so you can resolve them.

Benefit Two

Automatic Scheduled Checks

Giving you complete, day-to-day peace of mind whenever you schedule a check.

Benefit Three

Set & Forget

Fully automated – needs virtually no input from you.

Benefit Four

Queues Problem Tickets

Leaves failed bookings on a specified queue for quick, easy access and resolution.

Customise Your Product

We love the challenge of developing bespoke solutions to meet our clients’ individual specifications and pain-points. All our products can be tweaked to meet your needs.

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Version 2.0

Ticketing Inspector ClickOnce Installer


Release Notes

Ticketing Inspector – Release Notes

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