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Who We Are

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Two software-savvy chaps, in an industry ripe for change, combine their talents and vision. Before they know it, they’re making a lot of TMCs very happy…

How we started...

Darren and Paul spotted a business opportunity while working together at a major GDS company. They saw a disconnect between software developers and travel industry end-users.

No one was taking advantage of the powerful GDS APIs available to create flexible, user-friendly systems benefitting from better integration and automation.

Possessing this rare combination of software development and travel industry knowledge, they resolved to make life easier for travel management companies (TMCs) and consultants.

Sharing this vision with industry insiders received an enthusiastic response.

Navitas Solutions was born.

The business grew rapidly and now Navitas is the developer of choice for dozens of TMCs ranging from boutique agencies to global travel solution providers.

Together with the ever-helpful Emma, Navitas continues to develop innovative products along with bespoke solutions, making GDS’ everywhere a little friendlier and a whole lot more effective.

...a few figures


Founded in 2004

Navitas Solutions was started in June 2004 and been going strong for almost 20 years.

70+ years

Travel Experience

Our teams combined experience working in travel is an impressive 73 years!!


We use them all

Travelport+, Apollo, Sabre and Amadeus - we have you covered

1000+ sites


We have software deployed at over 1000 Locations
(based on GDS PCC or OIDs licensed)

Ready for an Easier Work Day ?

Get in touch now if you’d like to discuss how we can help you enhance your systems and become a better travel company.

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+44 (0)1189 780066 (Sales Only)
Navitas Solutions Ltd

Unit 5, Anvil Court, 44 Denmark Street
Wokingham, Berkshire  RG40 2BB


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