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PNR Watcher

Quality control your competitors can only dream of.

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Real Time, Rules-Based PNR Management...

We know how onerous it is to cross-check policies, offers and requirements for every single booking. If you long for an infallible, real-time assistant, make way for PNR Watcher.

In this day and age, no one should have to put up with anything less than our PNR Watcher beady-eyed rule-tracking ability. As you compile the perfect itinerary for your passengers, dotting I’s and crossing T’s with barely a second thought, you’ll wonder how you ever stayed sane without it. our overview

a bit more detail...

PNR Watcher is the all-seeing helper that responds to predefined criteria. Simply 'lay down the rules' and PNR Watcher keeps track of your agency needs including

  • Ensure corporate policies are adhered to based on the current client being processed
  • Meet individual traveller expectations such as booking special meals, requesting meet and assist or including items such as wheelchair, sporting equipment etc
  • Alerting users to the latest route deals or airlines to avoid
  • Validate existence of fields such as SI lines, invoice remarks and special requests
  • Build tables of items such as blacklisted clients, countries to alert travellers to, preferred suppliers and so on
  • Separate admin module ensures only authorised users can add, edit and remove rules
  • Group rules together to ensure logic such as ticketing rules only apply to the relevant department

Validation of over 300 PNR fields to ensure full control of the PNR building process

  • Flight, hotel, car and aux segments including
    • Travel dates and times
    • Start and end airports, cities and countries
    • Vendors (incl codeshare)
    • Segment status, sell type
    • Number of seats, rooms, cars sold
    • Rate codes and types
  • Stored Fare data such as
    • Pricing, nett Fares, BT/IT fares
    • Last ticket dates and day
    • Plating carriers
    • Fare construction
  • PNR remarks including notepads and DI lines
  • Passenger, frequent flyer, phone and email fields
  • Special requests (OSI/SSR)
  • Vendor locators and remarks

PNR Watcher can undertake a whole range of actions based on the outcomes of rule validation such as

  • Display alerts to the user
  • Prompt the user for input
  • Provide a list of predefined values to select
  • Make a GDS entry
  • Stop cryptic entries, handy to stop ticketing or ending a PNR if important information is missing
  • Launch an application
  • Open web pages
  • Open local files such as Word, Excel or PDF files
  • Create an XML handoff to import into other systems

...some of the many benefits

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Your Own Invisible Multi-tasking PA

Unobtrusive and ever vigilant, it reacts instantly to your input.

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Provides Timely Prompts & Reminders

Gives you that crucial information exactly when you need it most – immediately!

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Adaptable & Flexible

Works in harmony with your existing software and is dead easy to customise.

Benefit Shield Icon

Reassuringly Secure

Rule creation and maintenance achieved through the admin module to ensure only authorised users have access.

see it in action...

...does it work with my GDS?

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documents & downloads...

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Guides & Release Notes

User Guide

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See our overview on how best to use the software.

Install Guide

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Provides details on how to install the product for your users

Release Notes

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Find out the latest enhancements to the product.
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Version 3.0.x

Setup Installer
This installer is used to add PNR Watcher to the Travelport Smartpoint/Galileo Desktop environment for all customers, and also optionally installs the Administrator Module for those users who require it.

Note: If you are upgrading from PNR Watcher version 3.0.19 or earlier to a version 3.0.20 or later you MUST also update any PNR Watcher Admin users with the latest version of the Admin Module.

Note: Ensure the EXE is marked as Safe/Unblocked in Windows before running.

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