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Your one-stop shop for booking trends, ticketing information and workload.

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Unparalleled Customer Insights at Your Fingertips...

Bringing together relevant booking, ticketing, and customer information at point-of-sale is a nightmare for TMCs. Switching between multiple tabs and programmes, all in a desperate bid to gain a clear view of your customers’ travel plans: there must be a better way to deliver personalised travel experiences. Now there is. NavAgent!

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NavAgent is a collaborative project between Navitas Solutions and Agentivity. It combines the advanced booking capture and analysis tools of the Agentivity system with our innovative point-of-sale automation applications and software integration expertise.

...six modules, one powerful tool

A handy piece of kit comprised of six cutting-edge modules, NavAgent integrates directly with your GDS allowing you to focus on important things, like spotting trends, tracking behaviour and monitoring agency activity.

We believe in giving you complete flexibility. Each of NavAgent’s six modules are optional and can operate independently or in combination to provide as much insight as your agency requires. As with our other tools, such as Decoder Suite and Itin to X, the screen display, layout and formatting is 100% customisable to suit your agencies specific requirements.

each module in more detail...

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Consultant Workload

Empower your team of consultants to prioritise and manage their workload with lists of bookings requiring attention.

  • Segments Needing Action - bookings with segments needing urgent attention, such as HX or UN
  • Airline Requests For Ticketing - a list of un-ticketed bookings with vendor remarks containing ticketing deadlines
  • PNR Warnings - bookings with other vendor remarks or warnings
  • Active Unsold Air Bookings - shows PNR's containing active air segments that are yet to be ticketed
  • Missed Hotel Opportunities - any PNR's where a hotel could have been offered as flights occur on different days
  • Upcoming Departures - PNR's due to travel in the next few days
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PNR Summary

Contains pertinent information about the current PNR

  • Number of changes made to the PNR
  • Indicators for existence of CTCE/CTCM and APIS details
  • Account code and booking cabin
  • An 'out of hours' touch indicator
  • CO2 values
  • Possible duplicates found in the Agentivity system
  • PNR Warnings relevant to the current booking
Feature Traveller Icon

Traveller Summary

Arm your consultants with vital data on current traveller trends based on booking data held in Agentivity such as

  • Total number of bookings plus ticketed and cancelled counts/percentages
  • Top departure airports
  • Top air suppliers
  • Previously booked air, hotel and car vendors
  • Countries previously visited
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Corporate Summary

Accurately monitor overall behaviours for all travellers within a corporate account

  • Total ticketed and non ticketed air segments, including a count of low cost segments
  • Cancelled bookings
  • Non air bookings including a count of hotel and car segments
  • Average number of itinerary changes, including a breakdown of changed before and after ticketing
  • Average advanced booking days
  • CO2 values
  • Previously booked air, hotel and car vendors
Feature Baggage Icon

Booking Activity

Ensure your passengers are correctly ticketed and gain deeper insights into travel plans and patterns at point of sale with our interactive booking lists.

  • Last 5 journeys undertaken by the traveller
  • Next 5 journeys upcoming
  • Easily identify un-ticketed bookings, departure dates and destinations
  • Access full PNR and e-ticket displays without interrupting your current GDS PNR building process
Feature Tickets Icon

Unused E-Tickets

Automatically extract e-ticket information recorded in the Agentivity database over the past 1-12 months (configurable by agency) to monitor coupon usage.

  • E-Ticket number and related record locator and passenger name
  • Fare and tax amounts
  • Important coupon details including
    • Vendor
    • Travel date
    • Destination cities
    • Class booked
    • Fare basis
    • Coupon status
  • Ability to access full PNR and e-ticket displays without interrupting your current GDS PNR building process

...some of the many benefits

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Personalised Travel

Bring together relevant client, booking trend, and ticketing data to deliver truly personalised experiences – for every customer.

Benefit Analytics Icon

Unparalleled Data Insights

Track corporate and traveller activity, cancellation patterns, and more. NavAgent collects data whenever a consultant touches a booking for even deeper insights.

Benefit Tools Icon

An Application Built Around You

Each module is independent and can operate on its own or as part of the suite. Subscribe to the modules your agency requires – it's entirely up to you!

Benefit Single Cog Icon

Straightforward Integration

As with all our products, NavAgent neatly integrates with the GDS desktop environment. Setup is quick, easy, and hassle-free.

see it in action...

...does it work with my GDS?

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documents & downloads...

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Guides & Release Notes

User Guide

Coming Soon
See our overview on how best to use the software.

Install Guide

Coming Soon
Provides details on how to install the product for your users

Release Notes

Visit Site
Find out the latest enhancements to the product.
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Version 1.0.x

Setup Installer (Travelport Smartpoint Only)
This installer is used to add NavAgent to the Travelport Smartpoint environment for all customers.

Note: Ensure the EXE is marked as Safe/Unblocked in Windows before running.
Click Once Installer (Beta Program)
Visit Site
For Non Travelport Customers participating in our Beta Program

Our Click Once version automatically keeps itself up to date when new releases are made.
XCopy (ZIP) (Beta Program)
For Non Travelport Customers participating in our Beta Program

For Citrix and Terminal Services environments when you need one central copy of the software on a server that all users access and must be kept up to date manually by your IT department.

Note: Ensure the ZIP file is marked as Safe/Unblocked in Windows before extracting its contents to the c:\navitas\NavAgent folder

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