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Case Study

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Case Study: 

Business First Partnership


Business First Partnership has been managing corporate travel for over 20 years, through three generations of family. Anticipating each clients’ needs, its bespoke smart travel management solutions are designed to enhance the business travel experience and deliver cost savings.

Customised to suit a company’s preferences, its 360 Go online booking platform and suite of apps place clients in complete control of their business travel. It gives them access to exclusive fares with over 400 airlines, specially negotiated hotel rates worldwide, best-value rail tickets, and more.

New Itinerary Service Required

Business First Partnership prides itself on its ability to meet the individual needs of its clients. However, its existing third-party travel itinerary service, while perfectly practical, lacked the flexibility to adjust itineraries to meet client needs. Furthermore, with no capacity for the company to apply its branding to those itineraries, the service appeared to lack consistency.

A decision was made to find a replacement; a universal travel itinerary service that could be branded across the entire 360 Go platform, and that was sufficiently flexible to meet specific client criteria.

Navitas Provides the Solutions

Business First Partnership approached Navitas who provided two solutions. Both could be incorporated across the whole 360 Go suite, fully branded with its corporate colours and logo.

The first of these, the Decoder Suite Itinerary, presents travellers with a selection of detailed airline and hotel quotes. Then, once the choices have been agreed, and the bookings made, the second solution is applied. Itin-to-X serves as a final flight confirmation. It uses customised logic to extract Business First Partnership segment types to create the fully detailed itinerary as well as generate ICS calendar files to allow travellers to drag and drop elements of their itinerary into their diaries.

Offering Choice and Peace of Mind

The two solutions more than fulfilled Business First Partnership’s two key requirements. Using them in combination means their clients receive a range of clear and detailed quotes. This allows them to easily select the option most suitable for their travel needs, and enjoy peace of mind that their tickets have been issued and that all is in order. What’s more, with clear and consistent branding displayed throughout, clients can be sure they’re working with a brand they trust.

The client has always been at the heart of everything Business First Partnership does and Navitas understands the value we place on providing a bespoke service, tailored to our clients’ personal travel needs. We’ve been working in partnership with Navitas for a number of years now. The solutions it offers fully support the expertise of our team and have really enhanced the experience of our clients.

Marc Jülicher, Technical Director, Business First Partnership

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